My name is Jen Cooper and I met my fiance, Jason Teemer on February 6th, 2013. It started out like any other Wednesday. A busy day of meetings had culminated in my final meeting of the day at a local St. Louis Bread Company. It was a location that I never went to but because of who I was meeting with, this was the location of our meeting. Unbeknownst to me, Jason was sitting at a nearby table, having a meeting of his own. He too was meeting at a place that he never went to.

In the middle of my meeting, a tall (and handsome) man, all of a sudden appeared, standing beside our table. He apologized for interrupting but mentioned that he overheard us talking about fundraising and that he owned his own business and had been looking for a local charity to get connected with. We exchanged business cards and agreed to set a meeting to discuss the opportunity in the future.

After weeks of playing phone tag and almost giving up on meeting, we finally set a time several weeks later. Once we sat down and began talking, it was like we had known each other for years. What we found out in that first meeting, is that our paths had actually crossed over 20 years earlier. It turns out that we went to the same elementary school (one grade apart) and that we had even lived in the same subdivision…but never knew each other.

We transitioned into a working relationship over the next several months. We always seemed to have a connection but were both careful due to our connections through work. However, as the months went by, we were talking more and had started spending time as friends. Our first time doing something outside of work was attending a St. Louis Cardinals game on Jason’s 30th birthday. Then after 7 months of being work acquaintances and then friends, one night in September, Jason asked me if we could start dating. It should come as no surprise, that as the woman, I had been waiting for some time for him to ask me this. My answer, of course, was a resounding yes.

Since then, we have had such an amazing time together. Whether it is sharing the big milestones in life or the small everyday moments, we have grown to know and love each other, as well as grow into better versions of ourselves.

After 19 months of dating, on April 19th of this year, 17 people, including both of our families and our best friends ventured down to Busch Stadium for an early season baseball game. We had all assembled in front of the Home Plate entrance to take some pictures before we went in. While we were getting our picture taken, all of a sudden I began to notice everyone gathering around us. Then Jason, asked for everyone to come in closer. He had something to say. In front of all of those that mean the most to us, he got down on one knee, in the place that we had first gone “as friends”. He pulled out a custom baseball ring box (that my sister made), opened it and asked me to marry him. With so much excitement and love in my heart, I said “Yes”…multiple times.

I have to admit that the baseball game was all a blur to me that night. There are two things that I remember though…a dear friend arranged to have a special Congratulations message on the scoreboard during the game and the fireworks that went off at the end to mark a Cardinals win. Although the fireworks were in honor of the home team victory, they definitely felt like they were there for us.