My name is Diane Uptain. I met my fiancé at work. I was actually his supervisor. I know that sounds horrible, but we did not actually start talking to each other until after I left the company. I never really talked to him much until my last night of work. It was November of 2011. He thanked me for giving him the opportunity to succeed and that I saved his life by giving him a purpose. I was shocked. We began talking that night about the reason why I was leaving the company. I explained I had to leave for health reasons. I was told the month before that I would have to slow down due to the fact that I was in kidney failure.

I had a very physical job and I would be starting dialysis soon. So I decided to change careers. I would be in need of a kidney transplant. Zach told me of how his father had a kidney transplant three years prior. He and his mom were both matches for him. He then offered to help me out in any way he could. Even if it was just getting me information from his family. I was newly divorced with 2 young kids and my life was going to be changing. I met his dad and he was able to give me great information on what to expect. Six months later it was time for me to start dialysis.

Zach moved in with me. He helped take care of all of us. He told me the first night that he would get tested. He saw how it changed his family’s life. I came from a big family. I for sure thought three would be a relative that would match me. Since there was a history of kidney disease in the family, they did not want to take the riSk. My sister in law was a match. But due to other issues, she could not donate. I spent two years only dialysis. I worked three jobs to provide for my family.

With the help from Zach, I was able to enjoy life. Thus is why I fell in love with him. In January of 2014, Zach told me he was a match for me. He wanted me to have a full life. On June 10, 2014, he donated his kidney to me. The ultimate sacrifice. We had each saved the other’s life. We knew thus 2as meant to be. On November 17, 2014, he asked me to be his wife. He as been the best father figure for my kids. He has taken care of me in sickness and now in health. We love and cherish each other. I knew this what was meant to be. We are getting married on September 19th this year and I can not wait to be his wife.