Do you hear that? It’s the sound of wedding bells in St. Louis! Brides and event planners are always looking for fun (and cost effective!) ways thank guests for their attendance. Our three flavors of artisanal chips are available in 1 1/8 oz. bags, perfect for snacking and gifting.

Dress up your wedding favors by further customizing the chips your guests already love. The natural brown bag used for the 1 1/8 oz chips can be “dressed up” with hand-crafted or custom printed tags. Creative DIY’ers can harness the rustic appeal of our craft-paper style bags and customize them to their liking.

Here are a few ideas for decorating your chip favors to give as favors for your next event!

Step One:
Simply punch a single hole in the top corner to prep the bag for decorating. Some may prefer the look of two holes in the center to create a “bow” in the middle of the bag.

Step Two:
Pre-measure your string to ensure the perfect length. This may vary according to your desired bow size. String through your favorite twine, ribbon, jute, or other decorative fabric through the top and secure with a simple bow.

Add additional tags for a specialized appearance. Tags can incorporate special phrases for wedding showers, baby showers, wedding favors, and other celebrations. Repurpose your favorite gift-wraps, choose thick stock scrapbooking paper at your local art store, or have custom tags created. Add a heartfelt message designed especially for your occasion.

Dressing up your The Billy Goat Chip Company chips for party favors is a delicious way to thank your guests in a personalized way. Adding bows and tags is a fast way to spruce up the look of favors, making it ideal as a gift for large parties. What way will you customize your The Billy Goat Chip Company chips for wedding favors?