It’s that time again, to spread cheer and be merry! During the hustle and bustle of December, we seem busier than ever with holiday gatherings, work parties, school plays. The calendar is full of fun functions for the whole family! In addition to the festivities, we are all in pursuit of thoughtful gifts for all of the important people in our lives.

Everyone loves a personalized gift!, With a few simple supplies, our natural kraft 1 1/8 Oz bags can be transformed into the perfect gift for your someone special. Make this St. Louis favorite more festive with handmade or store bought decorations! Our bags fit into stockings, make an ideal addition to gift baskets, or give them individually to your favorite foodie fanatics, teacher, service professional. We hear Santa’s had his fill of cookies, anyway.

Here are a few ideas to dress up a crunchy, crafty, chip bag:

Step One:
First, use a hole puncher to make either one or two holes in the top corners of the bag. Some may only need one hole punched depending on the creative idea you choose. Make sure you do not punch through the seal of the bag in order to keep your gift fresh!

Step Two:
Create a handmade gift tag for your bag.

Step Three:
Now add some holiday flare! To add a bit of jolly to your gift, fasten tiny ornaments, snowflake stickers, or top your bag off with a bow. Be sure to pre-measure any string or ribbon you decide to use. Re-purpose left over wrapping paper or scrapbook paper to write a touching message on the face or side of the bag of Original, Kicker, or Sweet Potato chips.

Step Four:
Stuff in stockings, leave one in the mailbox for your favorite postal carrier, take a few to school to gift teachers, and leave a bag for Santa! Don’t forget to store a few extra for last minute gift giving.

This DIY gift idea is simple, delicious, and shows special loved ones you care! How will you get your goat this Christmas?